About the PFLC?



THE PURE FAT LOSS CHALLENGE (the PFLC) is a fun, unique, and challenging 12-week, high accountability program designed to support, teach, lead, and guide those who are serious about shedding their unwanted body fat.  Most people find it fun being part of a team of motivated people all working towards the same goal.



One of the keys to the program's success is being surrounded by an abundance of motivation and accountability.  The PFLC is intended to take away most, if not all, excuses anyone would have for not being able to shed body fat.  It is like having a personal trainer pushing you and holding you accountable for everything it takes to win.



The PFLC serves as a great opportunity for those who have wanted to lose weight in the past but have never succeeded because they don't know:
What to do (exact nutrition & exercise)
How to do it (safely & effectively)
Why to do it (finding their true inspiration to follow  through)



Since statistics show about 80% of your results are from your nutrition, 15% exercise and 5% genetics, the emphasis of the program will be on the meal plan portion. This is bad news for people wanting to use an excuse like “with how busy I am, I just don’t have time to exercise.: With the tips and ideas on how to make this easy & convenient, the PFLC can be completed by people who are extremely busy, if they really want results.



Different from other “weight loss” programs, the PFLC focuses on taking all steps possible in pursuing “fat loss” not just “weight loss.” Fat loss is a far more important measurement to maximize an individual’s true progress.  We actually check your body fat % to determine how many “fat lbs” you have in comparison to how many “lean lbs” you have and we track and monitor those for each individual participant. This allows us to make sure you keep losing just fat and not lean muscle. Believe it or not, if a person loses 20 pounds (the wrong way), they could have potentially lost 30 lbs of muscle and gained 10 lbs of fat!



The reason most people lose weight and then gain it back again (plus more) is a result of two things. First, they lose weight the wrong way by losing muscle and slowing their metabolism. Second, the psychological issues keeping them from learning how to motivate themselves so they can stick to their plan. These are two enormous problems that cause failure with the vast majority of other “diets.” The PFLC customizable meal plan portion and all the other unique program specifics help ensure this doesn’t happen to you.


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Read all the details about the program by downloading the 2020 Program Description.

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Justin Savich

Creator of The Pure Fat Loss Challenge

​Justin Savich, President of Life Success Group, LLC based out of Valparaiso, Indiana, has combined his life & business experiences to create this program for you. He has been a certified personal trainer, certified in sports nutrition, ran nutrition programs, competed nationally in power lifting and natural bodybuilding competitions, has been a motivational speaker and life coach and has entrepreneurial experience. All of these combined with a passion to help impact people’s lives has led him to create THE PURE FAT LOSS CHALLENGE.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to use Facebook to participate?

Yes, that is where the majority of the program communication takes place. ​

Do I need to find one other person to participate with me? ​

Yes, having your accountability partner is a critical aspect of the program. If unable to find one, your spot on the “potential roster” is not guaranteed and/or you may be matched up with someone you don’t know.

Do I have to follow a certain diet and/or exercise program?

​No, you are not forced to follow any particular diet or workout. However, most do choose to follow the PFLC suggested meal plan and PFLC suggested workout program to help maximize their results. 

How much does the program cost?

There is a unique structure for participation that will allow ways for the program to not end up costing you anything. (You can even walk away winning cash prizes!) Your choice of registration options can be chosen after completing and returning the Program Qualification Survey in conjunction with this Program Description.
The program is designed to provide MANY more times the value in comparison to the registration fee. What would it cost you to NOT participate?
* Free registration is provided if you find 5 other friends (who are not currently Facebook friends/fans of The Pure Fat Loss Challenge or Justin Savich) to register for the program.

How can I share The PFLC with friends?

Be sure to like us on Facebook and invite your friends to the Kick-Off event

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